Up in the Snowys we've spent a lot of time on snowmobiles and in Jeeps exploring various trails and hidden areas. Saturday I went up to the lake with my snowboard to see if I could find anything interesting. Chris and Jerron brought their sleds so I didn't anticipate doign a lot of hiking, which was good, because above 8000 feet I was wheezing like my pickup was.

The 20 or so runs I did all went something like this: I piled on to the back of Jerron's sled and tried to hand on to both Jerron and my snowboard as we blasted up near-vertical slopes at 60+ MPH. Typical wait for Jerron and his sled at the bottom of the hill: 120 seconds. Average time from bottom to top: 60 seconds.

This is where snow sports is going to go as prices at traditional ski areas continue to raise prices for overcrowded runs, or go out of business as snow quality declines at low altitude. Plus, blasting up a hill on a 800+ cc sled beats a lift line every time.
The weather was cloudy and intermittently snowing. In the early afternoon, the conditions were packed powder with a 1-2" dusting of powdery granules. Late afternoon saw everything crust over which was a bit annoying but hey, it's Memorial day weekend and you were probably at some lame barbecue.